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The Award Winning Presentation

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The Award Winner Presentation by Santosh Karkhanis
Mr. Santosh Karkhanis participated in prestigious event of 'Lakshya 2002' organized by Organized By 'NITIE, Mumbai' and 'Confederation of Indian Industries (CII)'. Mr. Karkhanis paqrticipated in 'On the job achivers contest' in 'Supply Chain Management' section. The other contestants were big organizations including MNCs. He was awarded as 'second rank' in the contest. Mr. Karkhanis presented his experience of inplementing Supply Chain Management solution globally using SAP for a Computer Manufacturing Company. The power point presentation slides are published here. full screen icon on the presentation below (bottom-right corner) can be used to view the presentation in 'full screen' mode.

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Supply Chain Improvement - Role of Human Intellegence
One day training By Mr. Santosh Karkhanis
The Business Transformation Guru 

Date: Friday 19th February 2015  9:30am - 5:00 pm
Venue: CII Naoroji Godrej Centre of Manufacturing Excellence,
           Godrej Station-side Colony, 
           Opposite Railway Station,
           Vikhroli (East), 
           Mumbai - 400 079 India



We consult in

  • 'Beyond Analytics' : Ensuring sustained business value from SAP / ERP implementations
  • Project Management expert support for SAP implementations
  • Process Improvement in Supply Chain : Reduction in inventory, Reduction in processing cycle time, Rejectin/rewoek control etc.
  • Soft Skills Training : Problem Solving, Project Management, Customer Orientation, Goal Orientation etc

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