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SAP Tips

Mr. Santosh Karkhanis, the author of this site is implementing SAP worldwide since 1994 with big consulting firms for Multinational companies. He is specialized in helping 'Business Transformation' using SAP as a 'tool'. He is giving tips on SAP implementation & utilization in this section.

Planning to implement SAP?

Are you planning to implement SAP in your organization? 

If you are planning to implement SAP in your organization, you will need a SAP EXPERT who will talk to your implementation partner on your behalf and safeguard your interests.

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SAP is a well known proven tool for Management. Mr Karkhanis is implementing SAP worldwide since 1994 for Multinational Companies. He worked across various industries & various modules. He explains how to ustilize and implement SAP for the best Returns on Investments.


  • SAP Implementation

    SAP implementation is the whole of processes that defines a complete method to implement the SAP ERP enterprise resource planning software in an organization. This section explains SAP implementation process.

  • SAP Modules

    One of the principle reasons why SAP is so popular is that it is very flexible and customizable.One way to achieve this flexibility is to break SAP system into different Modules like HR, Finance and so on which emulate business processes of that particular department or Business Unit. It is also possible to integrate modules from different ERP Vendors.

    This section gives a brief overview of various modules of SAP.

  • Case Studies

    Mr. Karkhanis is implementing SAP in various industries since 1994 all over the world. This section gives case studies from his experience.

  • Special Industry Solutions
  • APAP Codes


Supply Chain Improvement - Role of Human Intellegence
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The Business Transformation Guru 

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We consult in

  • 'Beyond Analytics' : Ensuring sustained business value from SAP / ERP implementations
  • Project Management expert support for SAP implementations
  • Process Improvement in Supply Chain : Reduction in inventory, Reduction in processing cycle time, Rejectin/rewoek control etc.
  • Soft Skills Training : Problem Solving, Project Management, Customer Orientation, Goal Orientation etc

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