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SAP Tips

Mr. Santosh Karkhanis, the author of this site is implementing SAP worldwide since 1994 with big consulting firms for Multinational companies. He is specialized in helping 'Business Transformation' using SAP as a 'tool'. He is giving tips on SAP implementation & utilization in this section.

Planning to implement SAP?

Are you planning to implement SAP in your organization? 

If you are planning to implement SAP in your organization, you will need a SAP EXPERT who will talk to your implementation partner on your behalf and safeguard your interests.

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Special Industry Solutions

SAP Smart Meter Analytics for Utility Industry

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Utility Industry ia always facing challanges because of huge customer base and hence huge volume of data handling. SAP has recently come with HANA to help the industru.

Business Challenges for Utility Industry

SAP for Food Retailers

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SAP for Retail provides you with a complete framework that helps you effectively satisfy your shoppers and execute your strategies. Manage every aspect of your operation with greater efficiency and control. SAP for Retail solutions help food retailers gain a deeper understanding of shopper needs, manage the merchandise life cycle, optimize varied and complex supply chains, and manage the buying experience to inspire shopper loyalty.

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IS/CCU - Utility Undustry

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Utilities Industry
Currently evolving from a monopoly in a regulated market to a competition-based energy & service industry.
In future customers will able to choose from a number of defferent suppliers. Currently, the services associated with a given supply category are generally provided by a local utility company.
Deregulation will break open the following value added chain
Generation & Production à Transmission à Distribution à Customer Service
Several utility companies and service providers participate in the value added chain of any supply category.
price & service will be the key factors.

This change will demand
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Automotive Solution

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SAP R/3 Automotive Solution
The model of mass production was first invented by Automobile industry a century ago. But now the industry is facing global competition and the needs of the industry have changed totally. The customers are no longer satisfied with few choices. The demand what they want, when they want and where they want.
To cater the needs, make-to-order production is necessary instead of mass production. Here the success depends on speed; speed of accepting market requirements, speed of developing new models, speed of procuring raw materials, speed of production and speed of delivering the products to right place. Collaboration among all the industry players -- suppliers, OEMs, dealers, and customers -- is essential.
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AFS : Apparel Footwear Solution

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Apparel Footwear Solution (AFS)

In the past, many apparel and footwear companies would search for new applications to support their business requirements only to find out that major functionality was lacking due to the uniqueness of the industry. Most of this uniqueness in functionality centered around the products sold by the apparel and footwear industry specifically, in how the product was structured.
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Supply Chain Improvement - Role of Human Intellegence
One day training By Mr. Santosh Karkhanis
The Business Transformation Guru 

Date: Friday 19th February 2015  9:30am - 5:00 pm
Venue: CII Naoroji Godrej Centre of Manufacturing Excellence,
           Godrej Station-side Colony, 
           Opposite Railway Station,
           Vikhroli (East), 
           Mumbai - 400 079 India



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  • Project Management expert support for SAP implementations
  • Process Improvement in Supply Chain : Reduction in inventory, Reduction in processing cycle time, Rejectin/rewoek control etc.
  • Soft Skills Training : Problem Solving, Project Management, Customer Orientation, Goal Orientation etc

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