Wednesday, March 28, 2018

13-Statement of Work

What is a Statement of Work? : A Statement of Work or SOW, defines 'what it is that you need' from an external supplier. It is a statement of the work to be completed by a supplier. The Statement of Work also describes the materials and equipment to be provided, within a defined timeframe. This Statement of

Work Template saves you time, because all of the sections have been pre-completed for you.

When do I use a Statement of Work? : Every time you need to request work from an external supplier, you need to issue a Statement of Work. It helps you clarify what it is that you want from your supplier and the timeframes in which to complete it.

Create Statement of Work by:

  • Defining the type of supplier that you wish to appoint
  • Describing the materials and equipment you need
  • Specifying the deliverables to be provided by the supplier
  • Stating your terms and conditions for payment