Wednesday, March 28, 2018

19-Time Management Execution Process

What is Time Management execution process? Project Time Management execution process is all about recording the time spent by people on a project. To record time spent, the team implement a Project Time Management Process (or "Time Process"). This time process involves recording the time spent on tasks, using Timesheets. The time process helps the manager know which tasks has been worked on, when and for how long.

When do I use a Time Management execution Process? : The best way to see if your project is on track is to record time actually spent vs. time planned to be spent. The process is called Project Time Management, and it is by far the most effective way to monitor project progress. The time process allows you to see for every task, whether is has been completed on time. This time process also allows you to control time spent by implementing a timesheet approval process.

Project Time Management execution process will help you to:

  • Put in place a process for recording time within projects
  • Use Timesheets to monitor the time spent by staff
  • Identify and resolve time management issues
  • Keep your Project Plan up-to-date at all times
The time management execution process must :

  • List the key steps taken to manage time within a project
  • Include a process diagram, showing when those steps are taken
  • Describe each of the roles and responsibilities involved