Wednesday, March 28, 2018

27-Acceptance Management

By using Acceptance Management, you can ensure that every deliverable produced by your team, fully meets the needs of your customer. An acceptance process helps you to achieve this, through rigorous user acceptance testing. During the user acceptance testing process, each deliverable is reviewed by your customer and formally "accepted" as meeting their needs.

An Accespance Management is a series of steps that you take to complete User Acceptance Testing. When a project is nearly complete, one of the final steps is to perform User Acceptance Testing with the customer. As part of the User Acceptance Testing process, the customer will be asked to review the project deliverables and confirm that they are "fit for purpose". By using this User Acceptance Testing process, you can confirm that your customer is happy and sign off the project as complete.

Acceptance Management helps you: 

  • Perform proper user acceptance testing
  • Use acceptance forms to document the results
  • Request your customer's final acceptance
  • Communicate the acceptance testing results

When do I use an Acceptance Process?
You should use an Acceptance Process to perform User acceptance Testing you're your customer. Before you can close a project officially, you need to show your Project Sponsor that you have completed User Acceptance Testing and that your customer has signed off the deliverables as being 100 per cent complete. Only when User Acceptance Testing is complete, should you proceed with closing the project. You can complete User Acceptance Testing quickly and efficiently, using this Accespance Management.

In Acceptance Management, you must: 

  • Identify when acceptance tests need to be undertaken
  • Plan each acceptance test and deciding on the participants
  • Complete each acceptance test with your customer
  • Determine whether the results meet your acceptance criteria
  • Decide whether the results are up to standard
  • Gain your customers final sign-off

Although delivering your project on time and within budget is important, it is critical that the deliverables produced, actually meet the needs of your customer. For this reason, Acceptance Management is a project-critical activity.

Acceptance forms & registers may be maintained.