Wednesday, March 28, 2018

5-Resource Plan

What : A Resource Plan summarizes the level of resources needed to complete a project. A properly documented Resource Plan will specify the exact quantities of labor, equipment and materials needed to complete your project. Resource Planning document also helps you gain approval from your Sponsor, ensuring their buy-in.

When : A Resource Plan is created during the Resource Planning phase of the project. Anyone responsible for Project Resource Management will need to create a comprehensive Resource Plan, to ensure that all of the resources needed to complete the project are identified. By implementing proper Resource Planning practices, it also helps you with budgeting and forecasting project expenditure.

This Resource Planning document should identify the:

  • Types of labor required for the project
  • Roles and key responsibilities for each labor type
  • Number of people required to fill each role
  • Items of equipment to be used and their purposes
  • Types and quantities of equipment needed
  • Total amount of materials needed
Resource Plan document will also help you to:

  • Plan the dates for using or consuming these resources
  • Identify the amount of resource required per project activity
  • Create a detailed resource utilization schedule