Wednesday, March 28, 2018

7-Quality Plan

What : A Quality Plan helps you schedule all of the tasks needed to make sure that your project meets the needs of your customer. It comprises two parts; the Quality Assurance Plan lists the independent reviews needed and the Quality Control Plan lists the internal reviews needed to meet your quality targets. By using Quality Assurance and Quality Control techniques, you can create a comprehensive Quality Management Plan for your project.

It will help you to set quality targets for your project to ensure that the deliverables produced, meet the needs of your customer.

When : Creating a Quality Plan is essential if you want to provide the customer with confidence that you will produce a solution that meets their needs. The Quality Plan states everything you’re going to do, to ensure the quality of your solution. The first section defines the Quality targets. The second section sets out a Quality Assurance Plan. And the third section defines a Quality Control Plan. By using Quality Planning document, you can create a Quality Management Plan that gives your customer a high degree of confidence that you will succeed.

You can use Quality Plan to set quality targets by:

  • Identifying the customers requirements
  • Listing the project deliverables to be produced
  • Setting quality criteria for these deliverables
  • Defining quality standards for the deliverables
  • Gaining your customers agreement with the targets set
You can then use Quality Plan to monitor and control quality by:

  • Identifying the quality control tasks needed to control quality
  • Creating a Quality Control Plan, by scheduling the control activities
  • Listing the quality assurance activities required to assure quality
  • Building a Quality Assurance Plan, by creating an activity schedule