Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Just In Time - JIT - Continuous Improvement

A central theme of Just-in-Time is continuous improvement. This is a crucial element because it stimulates 'improvement in all of the competitive variables simultaneously.

In the JIT environment, achieving productivity and quality are seen as a journey, and a continuous one at that. The Japanese word Takumi means the continuous pursuit of, excellence. Excellence through a continuing search for better ways to meet the same objective. Excellence in ~kills one must possess to accomplish an uncompromising quality in one's achievements. Takumi is a sort of quality, but with the Japanese mystique of calm understatement. It is more of a quality of spirit, which provides the conceptual framework within which current Japanese manufacturing policies have been shaped – policies with a kinetic obligation of continuous improvement.

The commitment to continuous improvement manifests in the activities of the voluntary groups of employees known widely as “Quality Circles” (also called by the name "Small Group Improvement Activities”). One of the key areas of focus for improvement is the entire manufacturing process, towards the most efficient pattern of flow. The numerous steps of improvement lead to permanent major changes over the years. Problems to be taken up for tackling are continuous1y triggered by exposing them through gradual reduction of inventory and/or work force levels.