Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Just In Time - JIT - Steps in Implementing JIT Manufacturing

  1. Obtain commitment from the top management.
  2. Gain Co-operation of the Work-force. Begin cross training of the work-force. 
  3. Start with the Final Assembly. Reduce set-up time, level production, achieve mixed model production.
  4. Working backward from Final Assembly, reduce set-up times and lot sizes in fabrication areas.
  5. Balance fabrication rates with the final assembly production rates. This may require correction of capacity shortfalls.
  6. Remove WIP inventories from the storage rooms and put it on the shop-floor (Point of use storage).
  7. Extend JIT to the vendors. First stabilize their delivery schedule & ask for frequent deliveries. Help vendors with quality assurance, negotiate long term contracts.
  8. Remove purchased inventory from the store rooms & put it o the shop-floor (Point of use storage).

The attributes of a company likely to be successful in JIT are many, but one constant is a company's willingness and commitment to become and remain "world class" in manufacturing. It is this enabling dictate of management which
makes JIT strategy appropriate to a company. A good JIT prospect is a company which has not over-chased the low wage syndrome but decided instead that quality, responsiveness and competence in production and processes represent
the decided competitive edge over price, and that high cost is a result of accumulated operational activities which should be addressed to, to remove the causes of high cost and uncompetitive price.