Wednesday, March 28, 2018

17-Planning Phase Review

What is a Project Phase Review? :A Project Phase Review is completed at the end of each project phase. During this project management review, the reviewer completes a Phase Review Form describing the progress of the project to date and recommending whether or not it should continue to the next project phase. If approved, the next project phase can be commenced.

When do I use a Project Phase Review? : A Project Phase Review should be undertaken at the end of each project phase. The project review may be conducted by the Team Manager or an independent person to the project. During the project management review, any risks and issues should also be recorded. The Project Phase Review Form (already created in Project initiation phase) is then completed, documenting the outcome of the review, for approval.

Project Phase Review document must state whether the:

  • Project is under schedule and within budget
  • Deliverables have been produced and approved
  • Risks have been controlled and mitigated
  • Issues have been resolved
  • Project is on track