Wednesday, March 28, 2018

25-Issue Management

What is an Issue Management?
An Issue Management, is a set of procedures that help you manage issues as they occur. Whether you're part of a project or operational team, issues will occur on a regular basis affecting the ability to meet your team goals. That’s when an Issue Process is invaluable. An Issue Process helps you record each issue and identify the actions needed to resolve it. As part of the Issue Process, an approval step is included to ensure that the right actions are taken, at the right time. Using Issue Management techniques, you can identify and resolve issues quickly, before they have an undesirable impact. The Issue Management Process can be used for issues regarding staffing, supplier, equipment or other issues for their speedy resolution.
Your ability to identify and resolve issues as quickly as possible will directly affect the success of your team.
When do I use an Issue Management?
You follow an Issue Management when you encounter issues that need to be resolved quickly. Examples of issues that can be resolved through an Issue Management Process include; lack of funding, insufficient resources and tight deadlines. Regardless of the circumstance, Issue Management Process helps you get approval to take action to resolve it immediately

In Issue Management, one should: 

  • Identify and record issues clearly
  • Use Issue Forms to document issues properly
  • Determine the impact of each issue
  • Prioritize issues and report on their status
  • Review all issues and decide on a course of action
  • Take the steps needed to resolve issues quickly

Issue Management should be used for:

  • Assigning actions to staff to resolve issues
  • Monitoring the outcome of the actions taken
  • Assigning roles and responsibilities for managing issues
  • Reporting on the status of issues to management

Issue form may be used to report a single issue. Issue register can be maintained to keep track of all issues throughout a project life cycle.