Wednesday, March 28, 2018

4-The Stakeholder Analysis process

The Stakeholder Analysis process

  1. Identify all stakeholders (Brainstorming)
  2. Identify stakeholder needs & interests
  3. Classify groups of interests (Stakeholder Mapping)
  4. Identify areas of conflict: Organisation v Stakeholder, Stakeholder v Stakeholder
  5. Prioritise, reconcile and balance stakeholders
  6. Align significant stakeholder needs with organisation’s strategies and actions

Remember : The stakeholder attributes used for Stakeholder analysis are subjective & can depend on who is mapping. Also the attributes are not steady, but can change over the time. E.g. A powerful stake holder may loose his power over the time.

Stakeholder Mapping

  • Several techniques for categorising stakeholders
  • Helps identify which stakeholders may support or oppose change / organisation’s actions
  • Which stakeholders are the most powerful, have most influence
  • Help decision makers formalise / prioritise strategies